Long before the opening of the Dark Portal, a clan existed on the ancient Orcish home world of Draenor; the Bloodied Blade Clan. The Clan did what they had to do to survive, under the tyrant Vargron 'Blood-Eyes' rule. Stealing, murdering, and many other acts of violence were committed against their fellow orcs, the clan began to become a widely known nuisance among the other draenic clans. Vargron adopted a female orcling during a raid, and raised it in his own cruel way. When she grew of age to hold her own, after being brutally trained, and being forced to submit to Vargron, she challenged him to Mak'gora; a duel to the death, as well as a challenge over leadership of a clan, in orcish tongue.

She sought to free herself of the tyrant, and lead the clan in a new way. But throughout her childhood, to the day she was victorious in the Mak'gora, she found herself fueled by furious anger, hate, and lust for ruthless bloodshed, which was the lingering effect that molded Narkra Rok'Ogar, the daughter of death.

Before the challenge, she wished she could lead the clan in a new light, but she had realized her insanity afterwards. She became what she tried to liberate.

Soon after she gained her title of Chieftain, she ordered those loyal to her to kill off the ones loyal to the previous Chieftain. Once she established her new way of 'order', a new conflict arose. The planet was under the stress of Gul'dan's warlockery; which heralded the opening of the Dark Portal into Azeroth.

During the chaos, a war-party was formed to hunt down and eliminate them, the other clan's learning of a thought-to-be inexperienced leadership.

This did throw them off kilter, Narkra not expecting such enemies to arise. One by one, they were slaughtered, until their numbers dwindled to such extraordinary lows that they were forced to pull back, and their assassins were ordered to migrate into larger clans to avoid discovery.

Only told by word of mouth as simple fairytales or myths by elders to scare younglings, the clan had been thought to be destroyed and nearly forgotten… until now. Led once more by Chieftain Narkra Rok’Ogar, the clan was slowly reborn, and made its way through the Dark Portal, into Azeroth, by Narkra's survival, where she remained undetected for quite some time, and slowly regained new blood to begin their conquest for a new, war mongering Horde.

This time, we shall not be forced to hide among the weaker. This time we shall not be forgotten, This time... we shall not submit to defeat.

Lok’tar Ogar! For the Chieftain!

(Written by sor'agg, edited by Narkra)


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